Outstanding results can only be achieved with the use of the highest quality ingredients and technically advanced products. But from day one we promised ourselves we wouldn’t comprise on ethics to achieve this. We are positive that we have found the best of both worlds through our partnership with two fabulous brands, Oway and Natulique.


Oway Logo

Beautiful, luxurious and ethical hair care, styling and colour. Oway is a brand with a human face, that buys from fair trade networks, develops eco-sustainable products, uses recycled packaging, and only organic bio-dynamic ingredients. Yet still an exceptional range that delivers salon professional results. We use both Oway’s colours, hair care and styling range, and many of their products are available to buy in our salon.


Natulique Logo

Hair colour designed with a focus on natural ingredients that work together to provide a more natural colour and extra conditioning. With certified organic ingredients and guaranteed to be 100% Ammonia-Free, 100% Lauryl Sulfate Free, and 100% Parabens Free, Natulique claims to outperform many of the more established brands. We use the complete Natulique colour range, and haven’t found reason to disagree.